Quality and Experience

pfm medical

pfm medical is an internationally operating, medium-sized family company based in Germany, offering solutions in the field of healthcare. For over 40 years we have successfully developed, manufactured and distributed quality products, while simultaneously offering reliable services.


Our thoughts and actions are focused on therapeutic success to improve the patient’s quality of life, as well as offering the best possible working conditions for users in hospitals, practices, care facilities and laboratories.

Our products, services, and treatment portfolio cover the medical focus fields of surgery, histotechnology, cardiovascular technologies and infusion. We consistently develop our services in collaboration with leading medical practitioners and partners, may it be for the treatment of patients in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities or in outpatient care. In this way we can offer flexible, individual solutions for the relevant context.

Offering solutions and products that are verifiably effective - that is our vision. This is our guiding principle on all levels - whether in strategic decision making within the management teams or in the daily operative work of each of our employees. Our vision always pushes us to develop and offer high quality solutions and products which can be proven to be effective and efficient in their application.

Our mission is to always improve the quality of life and the quality of work for all our clients and patients with our work and our solutions. Safety and success of therapies are always our focus. For us, just as for every other business, economic success is the basic foundation for fulfilling our mission. This we can only achieve together with the people we work for and with. Therefor they are at the center of our thinking and doing.

“Clarity, trust, loyalty, pride and respect - these are our values. They have accompanied us since our beginning and will continue to do so in the future. They are the constants which shape our work and our behavior.”

Vascular Access

Port-Catheter Systems

Every year thousands of patients are treated using an implantable port system, or port, through which they receive intravenous medicines and fluids over a longer period of time as part of their treatment. A port has a number of advantages for you as a patient. It means there is no longer a need for your blood vessels to be punctured again with another needle every time you are given medications or fluids. And it means you can go back to your own surroundings and live your life with fewer limitations.

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